2+2 Ultra Soft sonic toothbrush

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For a perfect and gentle cleaning without risk of gum injury.

The new SNOW PEARL Ultra Soft KONEX HD sonic toothbrush ensures perfect and gentle cleaning without the risk of injuring the gums.

Recommended by pharmacies and drugstores.

According to a Swiss university study, the sonic toothbrush can successfully remove up to 76% of the bacterial film even in hard-to-reach areas and has thus achieved the best cleaning performance.

The ultra-soft KONEX HD bristles are 8 times thinner at their tips than those of conventional toothbrushes. They are extremely flexible and offer exceptional strength and stability to clean in tight spaces without injuring gums. They are particularly suitable for sensitive teeth and do not produce any defects on the tooth necks. The gums are gently massaged without being irritated or injured and healthy blood circulation is promoted.

42 vibrations per minute

One charge of the battery lasts for approx. 30 days

Charging is done electrically or via USB

The brush has 4 programs, a timer automatically gives a signal every 30 seconds and the program switches itself off after 2 minutes.


Place the brush at a 45 degree angle on the tooth-gum edge with moderate pressure and slowly slide along the outer and inner arches. Then clean over the chewing surfaces and the lateral tooth surfaces. If necessary, start the brush again after 2 minutes.

For reasons of hygiene, the replacement brushes should be replaced approximately every 1.5 to 2 months. After cleaning, one should remove the brush, clean the connection well and put the brush back on. The toothpaste should not flow on the control knob. Clean the sonic toothbrush after use, dry it and only charge it when the battery is empty.


How long does a battery last? Depending on the intensity of use up to 5 weeks.

What makes this toothbrush so special? The combination of the hydroactive function, the 42 vibrations per minute and the extremely soft, elastic and thin bristles allows a very deep and efficient cleaning deep into the gaps and slightly below the gum line, but without irritating the gums or to hurt.

Clinically and scientifically tested in Switzerland!


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"During the application you can clearly see that the gums are massaged very gently and it doesn't hurt! Afterwards the teeth feel incredibly clean and smooth! I can't use any other toothbrush anymore! SUPER 🤩"

"I've been using the SNOW PEARL Sonic Brush for over two years now and I'm very happy with it! The problems with sensitive gums that I had for a long time have improved significantly, so that inflammation/bleeding only rarely occurs. The soft brush is very pleasant, and the individually customizable functions make cleaning effective and gentle at the same time."

"During the application, you can clearly see that the gums are massaged very gently, and it doesn't hurt! My teeth feel incredibly clean and smooth afterwards! I can't use any other toothbrush anymore! SUPER" Johanna S.