About us

"For a radiant smile in any situation"

The SNOW PEARL line was developed by Dr. Lorenza Dam. As one of the leading dentists in Switzerland, she brings her many years of professional knowledge and experience to the quality and design of SNOW PEARL products. Dr. Lorenza Dam has been caring for the oral health of her patients for over 20 years in her private dental clinic in the center of Zurich. In accordance with the motto "Make it simple, but as complete and effective as possible", SNOW PEARL products contribute to both the health and beauty of teeth and gums with extremely effective and high-quality products. Dr. Lorenza Dam is behind every single product in the line, which is in line with the latest technological and medical knowledge - with the aim of maintaining perfect oral health and promoting the natural beauty of teeth.

The history of the creation of the brand "Swisslight"

The company's founder and thought leader is Ivanna Klevanets.

Quality. Perfection. Feelings.
We share the quality of life.

The idea originated long before the creation of the brand "Swisslight". For a long time, we conducted research and collected feedback in order to select and present brands that have proven themselves in terms of quality, safety, and evidence-based therapeutic effect, which has already been confirmed by dentists in the EU (Switzerland, Germany, Austria).

The values of the company "Swisslight" coincide with the values of the brand manufacturer TM "SnowPearl", which are health, joy and satisfaction of a high level of needs.

First and foremost, the brand is not about business, but about care, custody, concern and the needs of people, so that everyone feels special.

Since 2023, Swisslight has been represented on the Ukrainian market of oral care products.

Our mission

"Every person feels special. We take care of you, your health is the highest value."

Providing our customers with quality products at the level of global research.

The carefully selected products of the brand are the result of medical experience and the needs of each individual.

The brand "Swisslight" represents carefully tested manufacturers, the key selection criteria is a formula developed by practitioners in compliance with international standards and safety for everyone.

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