Ultra Soft KONEX HD replacement heads

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Ultra soft bristles to reorder for the Ultra soft sonic toothbrush. A perfect and gentle cleaning without risk of injury to the gums.
Particularly gentle and particularly strong, particularly flexible and particularly stable: These are the KONEX HD Super Soft bristles. At their tips, they are 8 times finer than the bristles of a conventional soft toothbrush. They are gentle and flexible, yet exceptionally strong and stable. As a result, they clean efficiently even in the tightest spaces between the teeth without irritating or injuring the gums.

The bristles of the KONEX HD attachments from SNOW PEARL combine previously contradictory properties into a new and particularly effective quality. This makes the previously usual selection of different degrees of hardness superfluous. With SNOW PEARL, ULTRA SOFT is at the same time ULTRA STRONG.

KONEX HD attachments are durable. For hygienic reasons, however, a monthly change is recommended. KONEX HD attachments can be reordered as a duo.


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"During the application you can clearly see that the gums are massaged very gently and it doesn't hurt! Afterwards the teeth feel incredibly clean and smooth! I can't use any other toothbrush anymore! SUPER 🤩"

"I've been using the SNOW PEARL Sonic Brush for over two years now and I'm very happy with it! The problems with sensitive gums that I had for a long time have improved significantly, so that inflammation/bleeding only rarely occurs. The soft brush is very pleasant, and the individually customizable functions make cleaning effective and gentle at the same time."

"During the application, you can clearly see that the gums are massaged very gently, and it doesn't hurt! My teeth feel incredibly clean and smooth afterwards! I can't use any other toothbrush anymore! SUPER" Johanna S.